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Solar Power Stations Novadek Energy, a replacement for solar parks

Novadek Energy solar power plants, designed to replace standard flat solar parks. Our solution requires less space and can be set for a certain amount of time.

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Compactness of power plants

Novadek Energy power plants are much more compact than standard solar parks.


A reliable source of energy for your room.



Create your own energy station.

Novadek Energy offers additional options for power plants. You can choose the additional functions you need (thermometer, Wi-Fi, CCTV cameras, etc.) thus making this solution more useful for you. You can find out more about all the options and types of power plants by downloading the catalog below.

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Questions about solarpower plants

Our team has compiled and answered frequently asked questions from users, for a clearer perception of the information about our products.

1How do I start cooperating with you?
First of all, send us an application for a dealership by filling out the questionnaire. We will then sign a non-disclosure agreement with you.
2Do you work with individuals? persons?
Unfortunately, no. We work only with legal entities (companies), on the basis of a dealer/distributor agreement.
3How much energy does your solution generate?
The capacity of power plants depends on your needs. The solution is created on a turnkey basis. Power of the minimum model of power plant from 5 Kw power generation 35 Kw (per hour / day)
4What are your prices? Why don't you specify them?
To avoid misunderstandings, we do not list prices for street lighting. The price of advertising stands depends on the specification, quantity and region of delivery. Prices for advertising stands start at 1,600,000 (Russian rubles) per unit and up.
5What is the minimum quantity to order?
Minimum order quantity for street lighting is 5 pieces.
6I am not from Russia. Can We Cooperate?
Of course, we work all over the world. The main thing is that it is expedient for you!

Company requisites:


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